Up North

We all arrived safely to Finland. No snow or Santa yet 😀


Last days in Slovenia

In the first week of October my friends from Italy, Finland, Poland and Estonia joined me here, in Miklavž. Čebela and me showed them the school. We had a fruitful work meeting. We participated and observed the lessons.
On Tursday we went on a sightseeing tour in Maribor. On Friday morning we joined the sixth graders. They had an interdisciplinary day, which differs from ordinary days at school. They learnt about Slovenian folk dances, songs, handcraft, tales and literature and history.

At noon we were at the beekeeper's, Mr. Babič. He showed us the beehives and how we get honey. Mhmm, we could also taste some products his good bees produce. In the afternoon we went on Pohorje by cable car. The view was not as magnificent as it would be when it is sunny, Čebela says. However, we visited the waterfall, too.

 On Saturday we went to see Bled, the lake, taste blejska kremÅ¡nita and of course, we drove to Planica where ski jumping takes place.

The time passes really quickly and today we had to say Goodbye. Anyway, I'm looking forward to meet my friends in Finland again. That's in three months.


International day of peace; The birds of peace

Each year we celebrate day of peace in Septemeber. Children discussed friendship, peace, cooperation and the situation in the world. They made posters. Čebela and me spent this day in Class 3C. It was very interesting.


Going cycling

We had a sports day on Friday and we went cycling. We went to the nearby sports airport. We played football and volleyball there. There was also a big airplane and it was opened so everyone could go inside and take a look.

First days at school

We're back to school after summer holidays. They went by so quickly. I think everyone enjoyed and got new motivation for another school year.
I took these photos when we were having Geography lesson. We were working in groups and learning about Slovenia.