The Winter Break is coming!

The Winter Break is coming! Class 3b prepared the performance to instruct students how to behave safely during 2 weeks’  holiday.  Nowadays, one of the most popular ways of communication is television so they presented their knowledge about the safety in the form of the TV programme. I learnt about the dangerous situations during the winter break and I had an occasion to be a guest in School TV News.


Bee-C in the theatre

I met with the students from Class 1b and Class 1d. I went with them to the theatre to see the play about the hard life of the Bumblebee. I really liked the story. I learnt how to overcome different fears and saw how strong the friendship could be. 

Bee-C in Poland

         After a long journey, I arrived in Poland. I was warmly welcomed by students from the Primary School no.15 in Opole.            I brought the secret message for them, written in a special signs system. 

Students from the European Club solved the puzzle and found out that it was written in the Morse code. It was a great fun for them to decode the message. I met with my friend - the Polish Bee.