Innovative lessons - Bee- P and LOFI robots, Poland

Bee-P accompanied students during their work with Lofi robots. Students needed a special instruction to build robots. When the robots were ready, students had to program them with the use of the application. After that the robot could move and even draw. 


The Secret Garden in the jar

The fourth grade students inspired by the book “The Secret Garden” designed their own miniature “secret gardens” in the jars. Our Bee-P visited almost all of them. The gardens became beautiful presents for Mother’s Day that is celebrated on 26th May in Poland.


Fruit and Vegetables Art

3rd grade students during their art classes in the Community Centre in Opole learnt about the healthy diet and created portraits made of paper fruits and vegetables. The inspiration for this activity came from the pieces of art painted by Italian artist - Giuseppe Arcimboldo.


"The School Festival" (Bee-P’s point of view) 19th May

On Saturday I took part in a feast in the Primary School no 15 in Opole. It was really funny. I saw lots of attractions. Children were presenting their talents. They were singing, playing on instruments and dancing. Then I ate pizza, ice cream, lots of cakes, even frozen strawberries in liquid nitrogen and I drank lemonade. Later I was playing on the playground with small children. Each class prepared their own stall. Students were selling books, toys, traditional Polish food and more. Our school organized the festival to raise money for a new computer classroom. Children from our school had a good time with their parents.


The school trip to Tarnowskie Góry (Tarnowskie mountains), Poland

        On 18th May second graders visited the Multimedia museum of mining in Tarnowskie Góry. Students learnt about the work of miners in the past and the methods of extraction of silver, zinc ore and lead. They found out how the underground mine drainage worked. Students saw the tools and equipment used by miners. Bee-P was a students’ companion. After visit in museum students visited the Silver mine. They heard about the hard work of miners and listened to the legend about the Treasurer (the ghost of the mine). Second graders and the Bee-P had a possibility to travel by boats underground.
         In the afternoon they visited the old castle in Toszek. Students listened to the legends about the Gold Duck and the White Lady (a ghost). All the students and Bee-P enjoyed the participation in the museum workshops.


The European Week (7th-11th May 2018), Poland

This year students from 1-3 and 4-7 forms participated in the lessons concerning the basic information about the European Union and traditions, customs of partner countries and other EU members.
The younger students (3rd graders) participated in the competition „I can read and understand” to check their English skills. On 9th May 6th grade students took part in the EU Quiz to celebrate the Europe Day. The representatives of each 6 form answered the questions concerning famous places, people, traditions and customs of partner countries participating in Erasmus + project and the other countries of the EU. Bee-P cheered all the teams on.