Driving licence for a bike

This week we accompanied the 5th class by their bike rides. They had to ride their bikes on a special range and on the road. The police also observed them. They were successful and got a driving licence for a bike!


After almost 9 hours ride I have finally arrived in Slovenia. It was sunny today when Čebela showed me the school and its surroundings. It is so beautiful here. And they have many beekepers, so I'm sure I will soon make new friends. That's all for today. I'm still a bit tired. ;)


Let’s learn Chinese!

I had an occasion to learn some Chinese words during Chinese lessons on 4th and 10th May. The Chinese characters are amazing! I sang a song about colours and counted to ten. Do you remember my favourite colour? It’s 黄色 [huánɡ sè]. I and students learnt many interesting things about Chinese writing system – instead of letters, it has complex signs that represent words.