Meeting in Estonia Day 1

Today was the very first day of our first ever project meeting. The week before has been exceptionally busy, when the receiving school in Estonia has been trying to get everything (the plan of activities and transportation, board with posters of introductions about the partner countries, the welcome concert and different workshops) ready.

At half past two, the Estonian leaders took me on board of the school's minibus and we drove to meet out partners in Tartu. The Italians Monica and Emanuela were already there and we could make friends with them. Within an hour, the Polish Ada and Eva and the Slovenians Zvone and Rok arrived and we could drive back to Võru. How very well scheduled we were, as the Finnish partners Sanna and Heli (she's an Estonian who now lives in England:-) ) drove up to the hotel just as others were checking in.

The opening night was celebrated with a dinner party at the Kubija hotel's restaurant where the headmaster Kaider Vardja welcomed everyone to Estonia, made official introductions  and everyone tasted the host country's national flavours of rhy bread and pork or chicken dishes. Everything tasted well after the long day of travel. It was an early night so everyone could settle in and get ready for work in the morning.

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