Meeting in Estonia Day 3

On Friday morning the partners and students from form 6b headed out to Meenikunno bog. The biology teacher Merit Kund had prepared an outdoor lesson with tablets. As everyone set off along the hiking trail, they were asked to activate an app for measuring tree heights. It was a lot if fun and even some students got measured by the app by their teammates. Then everyone could climb up to a watch tower and admire the bog from above. While moving on, the unexpected happened. As it very often is, the technology refused from cooperation. Luckily, most of the students have smart phones, so everyone had to learn to share internet with others around them and the planned electronic photo hunt could go on. Besides photo hunting, the students had to use the  internet for research and tackling the problem of finding a sundew plant (they were not to be found so late in the autumn but the cleverest of the pupils took a photo of the picture from the internet to complete the mission). For the first time ever, everyone played along with Geocatching and found the hidden treasure. Besides the beautiful weather and autumn nature, there was the treat of finding loads of cranberries to eat. They were especially loved by the Italians. The outing ended with an open air barbeque lunch that was set up by Ene, Kai and Urmas at the end of the trail. Yummy!



In the afternoon, everyone gathered to the Kreutzwald Memorial Museum. Besides being the name sake of the Estonian school, Kreutzwald was a town doctor and a writer back in his days. He has translated a lot of fairy tales into Estonian, wrote the national epic "Kalevipoeg" and many other stories. Estonian students had prepared some animations based on his creations and they were presented in a short home cinema session. Then the partners had a guided tour of the museum and finally settled in a side building's tea room to continue the work meeting.

The evening ended in a festive dinner out on the town.

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